Paint Sprayer

An advanced grade of Paint Sprayer are offered by ''Buvico Spraying Equipment'' in unique models. Available products in this category mostly fond their applications in number of industrial sectors, varying from automotive, metalworking to furniture. This range of equipment is used for even painting on different kinds of surfaces. All the components of Offered Paint Sprayer is manufactured by accumulating the optimum grade of raw materials, which enable it to give hassle free functioning. This well equipped and highly durable equipment can be easily accessed.

Painting Machine Bu-8837

The available heavy duty Painting Machine, as the name suggests is especially used for surface coating, painting walls and ceilings, furniture and many others. Exceptional range of materials are used in the manufacturing of offered machine with the help of techniques and methods. This device helps in spraying coatings which includes, paint, varnish, ink through air over surfaces. This kind of Painting Machine can be ordered by our esteemed customers in the number of different modifications as per their requirements at economical rates.

Airless Paint Sprayer Bu-8825

We are committed to provide the best grade of Spray Painting Equipment. This offered equipment is also known as the paint sprayers, as per its name the equipment is broadly used for painting walls and ceilings in residential and commercial sectors. This kind of machinery is designed by using the optimum grade of raw materials on the application of advanced techniques and processes. Available Spray Painting Equipment is a type of device is applied for surface coating on various objects by using atomized liquids.

Paint & Wood Polish Sprayer BU 900

Paint & Wood Polish Sprayers are rendered with quick as well as easy spraying operations. These come with simple one touch operation and enable users to paint the home on your own and can save a lot of the money. The simple one-touch operation of these products can cut the time as well as paint cost to half. These are offered with advanced spray technology that delivers one-coat as well as superior coverage. These eradicate the need for rollers, paint trays and brushes. These have convenient shoulder straps for simplicity of use as well as portability. Paint & Wood Polish Sprayers have powerful 650 watt turbine for rapid and effective paint applications. These are ultra-light as well as moveable products, capable to reach at tight corners as well as angles.

Paint & Wood Polish Sprayer BU 900 Key Points:

1) Offered with several components including the V packings, piston and spray valves. These move up making a vacuum to suck up the paint into a compartment, the fluid segment, and piston down to push the shade into a high-pressure hose.
2) These make a seal to preclude pressure losses during the painting process. These use self-adjusting V-packings to preclude premature wear as well as the need for repairs. These come with fluid section and prevent the paint from being driven back through the pick-up tube.
3) Best picks for professional painting contractors, who are looking for greater performance as well as control for daily use on, property maintenance, residential and commercial applications.

4) Made for contractors, to be employed every day on all residential, commercial and industrial applications. Render spraying performance in the compact as well as portable design making these flawless for light-duty projects such as decks, fences, and other painting ventures. Suited for DIY / Hobby user as well as small contractors.

Technical Description:

  • Type of Current ( V/Hz) : 220-240V / 50 Hz
  • Motor Power : 900 W / 1.2 HP
  • Operating Pressure : 3-4 Bar
  • Delivery Output : 280 ml / min
  • Hose Length : 1.5 M
  • Bowl Capacity : 800 ml
  • Net Weight : 3.8 Kgs

Portable Paint Sprayer Bu-800

The Portable Paint Sprayers are the robust as well as simple to maintain products. These are highly popular with multi-unit as well as single-unit user alike. The products are generally accepted for their re-ability, speed and versatility of operation airless spraying. These serve as the best methods of applying anti-corrosive coatings, polyurethanes, high-build epoxies, including alkyds, chlorinated rubbers, decorative and protective materials. These are apt for both indoor as well as outdoor applications. These are the robust, simple to maintain products, which are extremely popular with multi-unit as well as single-unit users, similarly. These high quality and durable Portable Paint Sprayers are the optimum blend of dependability, versatility and speed of operation. These can be used to apply a wide ambit of single as well as plural component anti-corrosive coatings.

Portable Paint Sprayer Bu-800 Key Points:

1) Great for both DIY homeowners as well as professionals on account of their cost-efficient as well as high-speed performance. Recommended for home utilization due to their overall convenience. Come with compact designs that also contribute to their enhanced functionality.
2) Come with fully adjustable pressure that renders users with control over the project whether it's indoors or outdoors. Made of stainless steel and enable for high pressure spraying to attain the job done faster.
3) Great products for small to medium size projects and are rendered with few things to make the jobs simpler. Rendered with sturdy as well as durable metal construction. Resistant to light wear as well as tear without any problem.
4) Adaptable pressure enable for a great deal of control. Offered with a sturdy metal construction that can last for a long time. Offered with handles for boosted portability as well as enhanced serviceability.

Technical Description:

1) Type of Current ( V/Hz) : 220-240V / 50 Hz
2) Motor Power : 600 W / 0.8 HP
3) Operating Pressure : 2-3 Bar
4) Delivery Output : 240 ml / min
5) Hose Length : 1.5 M
6) Bowl Capacity : 700 ml
7) Net Weight : 3.8 Kgs

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